Why Dental Implants

Dr. Woods thoroughly plans out your dental implant surgery.

Dr. Woods thoroughly plans out your dental implant surgery.

Permanent, natural-looking and feeling teeth replacement

What is a Dental Implant?

Single-Tooth Dental ImplantA dental implant is a titanium post embedded in the jawbone in place of a tooth root. Dental implants are used with crowns, bridges and dentures to replace missing teeth. Dental implant-supported restorations look, act and feel very much like natural teeth.

With advancements in technology over the last decade dental implants have become a safe and efficient procedure that most patients can take advantage of. They are the treatment of choice for many dentists due to their lifelike function as well as in many cases being a more conservative treatment option.

Knowledgeable and experienced implant dentist

Dr. Neil Woods has been placing dental implants since 2002 and has placed thousands of mini (narrow) and full-size dental implants. He has completed extensive advanced training on implant dentistry.

Who are candidates for Dental Implants?

Modern advancements in dental implant surgery and bone grafting have made dental implants a treatment option for most patients.

In the past too little bone (as a result of periodontal disease or missing teeth) made implant surgery difficult. These days bone grafting techniques have advanced so that implants can be placed even in the most difficult of cases. Furthermore, with the mini dental implant system Dr. Woods can place implants without the need for bone grafting even where the bone has been greatly reduced.

Learn more about Mini Dental Implants

Previously patients with systemic diseases. such as diabetes, or smokers, were also not considered to be candidates for dental implants. These patients can now be treated completely safely, although the success rate is slightly lower due to the compromised healing ability of their bodies.

$1 Implant Consultation

Implant Consultation with Dr. WoodsIf you have missing teeth and would like to know what is the best treatment option for you, Dr. Woods offers a consultation for just $1. Dr. Woods will explain the different treatment options and answer any questions you have. He always takes into consideration your budget and we provide flexible payment plans and take most insurance.

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Benefits and Advantages of Dental Implants

There are many benefits to dental implants.Because of their multiple benefits, Dr. Woods recommends dental implants wherever possible to replace missing teeth. He offers a variety of affordable options for single, multiple or all teeth missing.

Dental Implants are long-lasting

Dental implants are made from the non-corrosive metal, titanium. They are integrated into the bone just like real tooth roots. An implant plus the quality restoration (the new tooth or teeth) that Dr. Woods provides can easily last a lifetime.

Dental Implant supported teeth look, act and feel like natural teeth

Patients say that a single dental implant with a crown is indistinguishable from a real tooth. It can be brushed and flossed just like a real tooth, keeping gums healthy. Its strength and chewing power is the same as a healthy natural tooth’s.

Replacement teeth can also be made using a combination of dental implants and dental bridges or dentures. An implant-supported bridge is a set of porcelain teeth fixed in place with dental implants and has the feel and strength of natural teeth. An implant-supported denture, although still removable, is made stable by the implants and provides almost full chewing power.

Dental Implants prevent bone loss

When teeth are missing the stimulus provided by the teeth chewing down on the bone vanishes. This causes atrophying of the jawbone in the region of the missing teeth. Dental implant-supported restorations restore much or all of that chewing power and prevent bone loss.

Dental Implants keep adjacent teeth in alignment

Missing teeth can cause adjacent teeth to drift sideways. Replacing the missing teeth prevents this phenomena.

Dental Implants are a conservative tooth replacement option

Up until relatively recently, the standard in tooth replacement for one or several missing teeth was dental bridges. Dental bridges require the cutting down of adjacent teeth so that crowns could be placed. Dr. Woods likes to conserve teeth wherever possible and evaluates each patient’s situation to see if dental implants will work for them.

Do you have dentures?

Implant-Supported DenturesDr. Woods loves to help people with dentures regain a stable smile and their chewing power. People with all their teeth missing can replace them with fixed dentures or a removable snap-in denture.

Using dental implants Dr. Woods can stabilize your existing or new dentures.

Supporting your dentures with dental implants gives you close-to-normal chewing power (compared to 10% with dentures only) and a set of teeth that won’t slip. It also offers several other advantages:

  • No messy adhesives needed.
  • With implants Dr. Woods can do away with the fake palate covering the roof of your mouth.
  • Prevent bone loss. The return of chewing power returns the stimulus to the jawbone, preventing further bone loss.
  • No slippage, clicking or embarrassing incidents.
  • Dr. Woods uses high-quality dentures that look like natural teeth.

A properly fitted denture can help restore your face. Progressive bone loss causes collapse of the lower third of the face muscles, creating a sagging, sunken in look, with more wrinkles and thinning lips. A well-fitted denture supported by implants not only helps prevent any further bone loss, it also fills out the mouth and aligns the bite to restore proper muscle and joint action.

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