Tooth Extractions

Dr. Woods will plan your tooth extraction using X-rays.

Dr. Woods will carefully plan your extraction using X-rays.

We provide no-pain extractions

Dr. Neil Woods will extract most wisdom teeth and teeth that become rotten and can no longer be saved.

His philosophy is to try to save teeth wherever possible, through the use of periodontal treatment and root canals if the nerve has died. However, there are times when teeth can no longer be saved.

Dr. Woods takes panoramic X-rays to plan the extraction ahead of time. On the day of surgery, he gives you a gentle, barely noticeable injection and provides comfort amenities including blankets, pillows and TV and headphones. For multiple extractions, or for patients with higher levels of anxiety, he can give you oral sedation for full relaxation. Dr. Woods is trained in sedation dentistry and is a member of DOCS — Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation.

Once the tooth is extracted, Dr. Woods places some collagen in the socket to minimize bone shrinkage during the healing process. This preserves the shape and size of the socket, as well as the quantity of bone, making it easy to place a dental implant if needed.

$1 Exam, X-rays and Consultation

$1 Exam, X-rays and ConsultationGet the exact status of your oral health with our $1 consultation offer. It includes digital X-rays, an oral exam and a consultation with Dr. Woods to review the results and get any questions answered.

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