Jen’s experience with Dr. Woods has given her a new sense of self-confidence.

“This practice is so comforting. I was an extreme case. I work with the public as well and was working less due to being so very uncomfortable with my smile. Dr. Woods does not see you as a sheet of paper on a clipboard…He genuinely cares about who you are and how you feel about the way you look…I am living proof that Dr. Woods is amazing and will make your situation work. I left that very first day with a smile—and our plan we have for my smile is so awesome. I would never go to another office.

“In a matter of only a couple of hours I went from crying in my car outside to having a temporary smile that I could work with and having a game plan to look forward to!!! When a group of professionals truly put the patient first it shows in their work. You all impressed me.”


Kesi recently saw Dr. Woods for orthodontic treatment and is already seeing results.

“I wanted to feel confident with my smile, but the condition of my teeth was not good. I had spacing and the front two were crooked. I saw an ad for Dr. Woods in the PennySaver. I liked the way he’s caring and compassionate and makes his patients feel comfortable. The staff is friendly and makes you feel welcomed. So far I’ve seen improvement in the condition of my teeth.

“From the time that I called in the staff was very pleasant and helpful. I was able to make an appointment rather quickly and started my treatment process. Dr. Woods was very informative and took the time to help accommodate me. Every time I came in the staff made me feel at home. I started my orthodontic treatment a little over two months ago, and already the condition of my teeth has improved. I’m satisfied as a patient and would highly recommend Dr. Woods to others.”


Harver wanted a better smile and went to see Dr. Woods for a smile makeover.

“I first heard about Dr. Woods from a friend. My teeth were in very poor condition and I wanted to improve my smile. What I liked about Dr. Woods was his gentle service and professionalism. As a result I have had a lot of compliments from my siblings and friends about the appearance of my new smile.”


Ann received comprehensive dental treatment and had great results.

“When I first started coming here all of my teeth (the ones I had left anyway) were rotten and I couldn’t even eat solid food. Dr. Woods started right away and took out all the teeth that he knew he couldn’t save. He took his time and didn’t rush, being that I am so sensitive to pain when it comes to my mouth. I especially love the staff; they are all wonderful and show that they really care! I don’t know what I would have done without Dr. Woods and his work family. I will never go to another dentist and now I even bring my kids.”


William’s mouth has been rejuvenated with the help of dental implants.

“I first saw Dr. Woods in a local flier. I decided to see him because of his convenient hours of operation. He has a friendly staff who are considerate and follow up after your work is done. I especially like them and their attention to detail. The benefits are that I have a better appearance and the ability to enjoy food and have less hesitation to smile and expose my teeth. Overall excellent. Dr. Woods and staff make you feel that you’re important to them.”


Frank had his dentures successfully stabilized by visiting Dr. Woods.

“I had difficulty with my lower denture and saw an ad for Dr. Woods and asked around about him. One person told me that they had heard he did excellent work for a reasonable cost—two things you really are concerned with.

“I’m one of those people that need the rubber rings that go over the implants to hold the dentures in place. My trips up here have been to have those rubber rings changed. The arrangement that Dr. Woods initially made was when I needed those changes there was no additional cost for doing it. I’m quite willing to make a 48-49 miles round trip, especially after I told him about the experience I recently had with another dentist.”


Written testimonials

“The very first time I had mouth surgery lasted about three hours. The pain never stopped. I went to my primary care doctor and we discovered it was because of a damaged nerve. I came to Dr. Woods and he fixed the tooth and it was like night and day. No one should have to go through the pain that I went through. Dr. Woods is 100% the best dentist I’ve ever had. My daughter and husband both come here and we all love Dr. Woods.”


“I always had a great smile until I was in a terrible car accident in 1998. As time passed I began having more and more problems with my teeth, mostly due to medications I was on and because of clenching my teeth because of the chronic pain I was in every day. Unfortunately, all of this also really weakened my teeth. They began chipping and breaking and I felt extremely self-conscious about smiling and talking.

“Dr. Woods fixed the teeth on the top of my mouth and I was able to get a top denture—I couldn’t stop smiling. Now I feel so much better about myself and even though I was quite scared they made the process as smooth as could be. I am smiling all day long and I am so grateful to Dr. Woods and his staff.”


“To the staff of Neil R. Woods and Associates, you are the greatest staff and caring people I have met. Everyone here was very concerned about my teeth and my new dentures. I would suggest anyone with teeth problems to come to Dr. Neil Woods and Associates. Dr. Woods was the greatest dentist I have ever been to, he was great and cared for me every step of the way. Thanks everyone, you are the greatest. I thank you.”


“I have been coming to Dr. Woods for three years and just recently got upper dentures. What an experience! All the employees are so kind and helpful. I’m coming sometimes twice a week. Dr. Woods is so nice and kind to me during each visit. I will miss coming when I move to Florida. Hopefully I can find another dentist and office so nice.”


“Ever since I can remember I have been self-conscious about my teeth. Now mind you, I have seen much worse. But when they are your own it seems that they are as bad as they can be. I had four teeth that never came in, which left wide spaces between my teeth. To me, I looked like a Jack-O-Lantern. And to make matters worse, I sprayed when I talked.

“A friend told me that her daughter was going to the dental office of Dr. Neil Woods and that she was very pleased. Even though his office was a very long way from where I lived and worked, I decided to give his office a try. I’ve been pleased since day one. It has been a pleasant and painless experience. I asked Dr. Woods if he could give me the smile I always desired and he assured me that it was possible. Now when I look in the mirror I like what I see and I smile all of the time. The Jack-O-Lantern smile is long gone thanks to Dr. Neil Woods.”


“I first read about Dr. Woods in a newspaper advertisement. The condition of my teeth at the time was very bad. I had an overbite that caused my bottom gums to basically deteriorate and my upper teeth were already dentures. I decided to see Dr. Woods and after going in for a consultation I was very impressed by his manner—easy to talk to and very professional. I liked that he was honest, straightforward and knew what he was talking about. The practice was so friendly, professional and courteous. The benefits are that I am now able to smile, eat and feel very comfortable.”


“Dr. Woods is very personable and very sensitive to his patients’ needs—very gentle and willing to work with them financially when necessary. My teeth have been through a lot over the years but they look and feel great now. I’m very happy with all the results.

“Most of my treatments were to make my teeth healthier—getting rid of cavities, relieving some pain I had and making my teeth look much better. Dr. Woods always explains everything to you—your needs to care for your teeth, what procedures you need, what is your best option and what it will cost. He is super gentle in his care. The staff here is so professional and friendly. Dan is the best hygienist I ever had—so gentle and careful not to hurt you (I have very sensitive teeth). The treatments make it much better to eat and my teeth look great which makes me feel good about myself.”


“I had to write and tell you how fortunate I feel that dentist 1-800 connected me to you all. Each person I met was kind and humanistic. If getting teeth pulled could be a positive experience, this was.”


“I had implants installed by my former dentist in 2000 and I was told that I could eat apples and corn on the cob with no trouble. Unfortunately, he was wrong and I haven’t been happy since. I went back because my teeth were loose in my mouth. He was rough with me, so I decided to see Dr. Woods instead. Dr. Woods listened to my problem and explained his plan to clear my problem. While I was in his office he seated my lower plate and now after a month I can eat properly again. Dr. Woods listened to me and helped me eat again. He is reasonable and is able to correct what was originally done to my mouth. I was not able to communicate with my last dentist, but Dr. Woods was very nice and I’m quite satisfied with him.”


“When I knew I needed extensive dental treatment I was terrified of procedures and financing. I went to Dr. Woods’ office because I heard he was very trustworthy and might be able to make my experience comfortable. The journey was taken at the proper gradient for me to a perfect result—from my first visit up through completion of my new life with a healthy and beautiful smile. Dr. Woods and his team were always alert when taking care of my concerns—time, distance and money; whatever was needed they addressed it fully and professionally. I am extremely happy with my new look and oral health. Thank you very much to Dr. Woods and the whole team. You are the best!”