Teeth Whitening

Nothing rejuvenates your face and appearance more than a bright smile.

Brighten your smile with professional teeth whitening

Our patients have told us that when they have a whiter, brighter smile, they get a boost in their self-confidence. And there’s a reason why: nothing rejuvenates your face and appearance more than a bright smile.

Dr. Woods uses a variety of whitening systems and is constantly updating his whitening technology to give patients the best results in the safest and most comfortable way. Every person’s teeth are different and Dr. Woods matches the type of stain and shade of teeth to the whitening process. Professional teeth whitening can whiten your teeth by many shades.

Whitening options

Our teeth whitening options.Depending on your teeth, for in-office whitening Dr. Woods will use a bleaching gel followed by a laser or light to quickly whiten your teeth several shades.

Dr. Woods makes custom trays that fit snugly for comfortable at-home whitening using safe but powerful bleaching agents. These can be worn at night or for a determined time each day. For best results, an in-office whitening is followed up with at-home bleaching.

Professional teeth whitening

Some over-the-counter teeth whiteners can make your teeth look whiter, but they are only effective for teeth with exterior stains and won’t handle the stains that have gone past the tooth enamel. The truth is, over-the-counter teeth whiteners don’t whiten the ingrained stains that live in the micro cracks in your enamel.

Professional teeth whitening systems use stronger bleaching agents and are generally safer as trays are fitted precisely to the teeth, keeping the bleach off the gums.

$1 Cosmetic Consultation

Discuss your smile goals during your consultation with Dr. Woods.

Discuss your cosmetic goals with Dr. Woods.

Dr. Woods offers a $1 cosmetic consultation to discuss which whitening options will work best for you. He can also suggest other alternatives to enhance your smile cosmetically. As part of your $1 consultation, Dr. Woods will provide:

  • Smile evaluation
  • Digital bitewing X-rays if needed
  • Get a professional diagnosis in plain and simple terms
  • Discuss your goals and learn about options for a smile makeover
  • Go over photos to help visualize solutions
  • Discuss orthodontic options for crooked teeth
  • Get a treatment plan
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