Dr. Woods incorporates some of the latest technology dentistry has to offer, making procedures more comfortable, efficient and convenient for you. His use of high tech equipment makes treatment more effective and produces better results, even reducing the length of recovery times.Below we have listed some of the technology used in our office.

Ultrasonic ScalersUltrasonic Scalers

Ultrasonic scalers use high frequency waves to lift and remove tough stains from the surface of teeth. Dr. Woods uses the Piezoelectric ultrasonic scaler because it is more comfortable and efficient than traditional hand scalers and fully adjustable for sensitive teeth.

Laser dentistryLaser dentistry

Dr. Woods uses soft-tissue lasers in the treatment of gum disease. This makes treatment faster and more comfortable for the patient.

Handheld Digital X-RaysHandheld Digital X-Rays

Digital X-rays are faster and emit 80% less radiation than standard X-rays. Dr. Woods uses his Kodak XDR for better diagnosis and treatment such as early detection of cavities and planning surgical procedures.

Intraoral cameraIntraoral camera

Dr. Woods uses an intraoral camera to show his patients a live image feed of the inside of their mouth, allowing them to see their teeth from an entirely new perspective. This device is especially useful for efficient and accurate treatment planning.


Dr. Woods uses the DIAGNOdent for early detection of cavities and tooth decay. This device uses lasers to comfortably scan your tooth, detecting even the smallest cavities before they become a larger problem.

Panoramic X-raysPanoramic X-rays

Our digital panoramic X-ray machine provides a two-dimensional, panoramic view of your mouth, enabling Dr. Woods to see the full scope of your teeth and jaw in a single X-ray.