Our Dental Implant Services

Dr. Woods you will discuss the benefits of dental implants in your consultation.

During your consultation with Dr. Woods you will discuss the benefits of dental implants.

Expert, state-of-the-art Dental Implant treatment

Dental ImplantDental implants are the state-of-the-art solution for missing teeth. Using “roots” made out of titanium, replacement teeth are anchored into your jawbone. These durable new teeth have the strength of healthy natural teeth, letting you eat the foods you want.

Dr. Neil Woods performs the entire implant procedure in the comfort of his office, allowing him to guide the procedure to an aesthetic and functional end result. He places implants to replace single missing teeth as well as implants to support dental bridges or dentures.

Knowledge, training and experience in Dental Implants

Dr. Woods has extensive experience in implant placement procedures.

Dr. Woods has extensive experience planning and performing implant placement procedures.

Dr. Woods has extensive training and experience in placing dental implants. Since he began placing them in 2002, he has placed thousands regular-sized and mini implants. He will make sure you get quality dental work that is right for you and your budget.

Restoring your teeth with Dental Implants

Implants can be used in combination with several types of restorations (crowns, bridges, dentures) to replace missing teeth. Dr. Woods uses both mini dental implants (narrow) and full-size implants depending on the situation.

Mini Dental Implant System

A mini dental implant is a narrow implant about the size of a toothpick. It inserts easily into the jawbone and doesn’t require any bone grafting and has little to no healing time. In cases where the patient doesn’t have enough room or bone mass for a full-size implant, the patient can still receive all the benefits of implants using minis.

The mini dental implant system is a one-stage procedure that takes less than two hours to both place the implant and attach the new crown, bridge or dentures. Patients can walk out with new teeth and begin comfortably eating what they want. Dr. Woods loves doing this procedure and being able to help his patients regain their chewing power!

Learn more about Mini Dental Implants

$1 Implant Consultation

Dr. Woods explains how denture stabilization with mini dental implants works.

Dr. Woods will explain how denture stabilization with mini dental implants works.

In all cases the first step is to discuss with you your expectations, then evaluate your teeth and mouth in order to determine which type of implant and which treatment would best suit your situation.

Dr. Woods will explain the different options and answer any questions you have. He always takes into consideration your budget and we provide flexible payment plans and take most insurance.

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Solutions for missing teeth

Single-tooth replacement

Single-Tooth Dental ImplantDr. Woods can replace a single missing tooth with a full-size or mini dental implant. A dental implant is the strongest tooth replacement option and doesn’t require altering of healthy adjacent teeth like with a dental bridge. The implant fuses into your jawbone and acts just like a normal tooth. Dental implants are permanently fixed teeth and are cared for just like real teeth. With regular brushing and flossing dental implants can last a lifetime.

Multiple-teeth replacement

Multiple Teeth Replacement with Dental ImplantsFor several missing teeth, such as three to four in a row, Dr. Woods can use individual implants or an implant-supported dental bridge. A dental bridge consists of two to three dental implants supporting three to four teeth, usually made from porcelain for a natural look.

With more teeth being replaced, the patient’s bite becomes more of an issue, and Dr. Woods makes a model to study your bite in a special articulator. This helps ensure your bite is comfortable and fully functional.

Replacing all your teeth

Dr. Woods offers several options for patients in need of replacing all or most of their teeth, including:

Snap-in Dentures with Mini Implants

Implant-Supported Dentures

Mini dental implants can be used to stabilize and secure dentures to the jaw.

These are dentures supported and completely stabilized for chewing power and comfort with the Mini Implant System. Your dentures can be removed for cleaning and gum care. Mini implants are fast and easy to place and patients love them. They are also the most economical of the different implant replacement options for all your teeth.

Dr. Woods places six to eight mini implants per arch which support a specially fitted denture. The patient can snap the denture in and out whenever needed. Mini implant-supported dentures are very stable and give excellent chewing ability.

Snap-in Dentures with full-sized Implants

For greatest longevity and strength patients with enough bone density can have their dentures stabilized with full-size implants. Patients with very poor bone density (as a result of long-term missing teeth or periodontal disease) may need extensive bone grafting so mini implants are usually the better option for them. Dr. Woods can determine if you are a candidate for full-size dental implants or if mini dental implants are the better option for you.

Fixed Implant Denture

For a very natural feeling full-teeth replacement, Dr. Woods can fix a high-grade denture into your jaw using six to eight implants per arch. This is a fixed denture that can only be removed by the dentist. This replacement option gives you full chewing power, which also maintains bone density.

No mouth roof cover

With any of the implant-supported dentures options, if enough implants are used Dr. Woods can do away with the fake palate of the denture that covers the roof of your mouth. This is more comfortable and natural-feeling for the patient allows you to better taste and enjoy your food.

Get a dental facelift!

Properly fitted dentures stabilized with implants can transform the lower face, giving it volume and smoothing out sags and wrinkles that occur when missing teeth are left unreplaced.

Bone grafting

Loss of bone density and quantity as a result of missing teeth or periodontal disease can mean that regular-sized implants can’t be placed unless the jawbone is augmented. The chewing action of teeth keeps the bone in the jaw stimulated. When teeth are missing this pressure is removed, the bone starts to resorb (absorb back into the body) and otherwise deteriorate. Studies show that in the first year after tooth extraction or tooth loss about 25% of the bone is lost!

Dr. Woods augments the bone by placing a bone graft at the same time as he places the implant. The bone graft encourages the bone around the jaw to grow and integrate with the implant.

High-quality restorations

A dental restoration is anything that returns teeth back to functionality and aesthetics. This includes crowns, bridges and dentures, which can be used in conjunction with dental implants for the most natural and durable restoration. Dr. Woods works with an excellent local lab to prepare your crown, bridge or denture. The lab technician even comes into our office to get the right shape, shade and material to best suit our patient.

Relax, we’ll make sure you’re comfortable and pain-free!

Relax and enjoy some entertainment during your visit.

Relax and enjoy some entertainment during your visit.

We have blankets, pillows, drinks and TVs with headphones to keep you comfortable throughout the process. You won’t feel our gentle injections and for the anxious patient we offer relaxation dentistry to keep you at ease during treatment.

Dr. Woods has a caring, reassuring manner and he will listen to your concerns, explain procedures ahead of time and answer any questions you have. Our friendly staff will make you feel comfortable and they’ll treat you like family!

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Dental Implant Testimonials

Patient Testimonial“I have a better appearance and the ability to enjoy food and have less hesitation to smile. Overall excellent. Dr. Woods and staff make you feel that you’re important to them.”